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Understanding Mobile Trailer Insurance

Understanding Mobile Trailer Insurance

All modular rentals need insurance. Here’s what to know when working with Allied Trailers.

It is always best to be prepared. When renting one or more mobile office trailers, you will want to get insurance for it. Mobile trailer insurance protects your equipment and your finances, so should anything ever happen, you will have that coverage to shield you from the blow. There is a reason that mobile trailer insurance is required for all modular rentals; here is what you need to know about trailer insurance when working with Allied Trailers from Maryland to Florida.

Renting a Mobile Trailer with Allied Trailers

With Allied Trailers, you have the choice of either renting or purchasing your mobile office and storage units. Allied Trailers has a large inventory of appealing units of different configurations and sizes, and they can also build units custom for your purposes! They frequently do business with governmental, construction, academic, retail, recreational, and religious groups, among others. 

You will want to rent your mobile office trailers when you only need the units for a limited period of time as opposed to continuously. If you need the units for less than three years, or if your office availability is unpredictable, renting is the better choice. 

Exceptional Services You Can Expect

What does renting with Allied Trailers look like? Acquiring trailer insurance is just one part of the process. Allied Trailers can help you select or build the trailers or your choice on site. Some enter and exit with their unit within an hour! If you wish, Allied Trailers offers convenient and timely delivery and pickup services, so you don’t have to worry about transportation and setup whatsoever. Their maintenance crew is also on hand to fix issues should any arise. The trailers themselves are fully fitted with exterior, interior, and security features.

Mobile Trailer Insurance Requirements & Tips

Part of renting a mobile office trailer is acquiring the proper documents such as insurance and parking permits. As for insurance, Allied Trailers does not carry but does require it. The insurance should cover the full replacement value. Allied recommends getting blanket coverage for two or more trailers. When filling out the insurance form, one MUST list Allied Trailers as the Certificate Holder, Loss Payee, and Additional Insured. 

Additionally, if you do not provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI), a DWI fee will apply, and you will still have to cover all the costs of any losses. If you ordered steps as part of your unit, you will need to submit a Certificate of Insurance for that as well.

Customers should email their COI to Michelle Burns at [email protected]. Or, if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask Michelle! Emailing is the fastest and most secure way of processing COIs, especially due to the unpredictability of snail mail. 

Contact Allied Trailers Today for Your Mobile Office Trailer!

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