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Trending: Container Swimming Pools

Trending: Container Swimming Pools

Could a storage container become your swimming pool? Check out this unique trend!

From late spring to early fall, everyone loves to jump into the pool to cool off and enjoy the balmy weather. At some point, you might consider having a swimming pool of your own, but you might hesitate because of the permanency or cost of a traditional in-ground pool. However, there is a trend happening that might appeal to you. Mobile storage container swimming pools are trending! Could one be right for you?

Benefits of Storage Container Swimming Pools

Less Expensive

A storage container swimming pool costs significantly less than the average in-ground swimming pool. A traditional swimming pool typically costs between $35,000 and $65,000, but a shipping container pool can cost $17,000 and $40,000. This range depends on the size and customization of your container pool.


Mobile storage containers, and particularly those of Allied Trailers, are made of high-quality metal and steel, built to last for decades on end. Instead of scrapping the metal, using the container for another purpose can give it life in a different way other than its original purpose.


Mobile storage containers are surprisingly customizable; they are ideal for creating any secure structure, whether it’s a tiny office or a swimming pool. One can build stairs, windows, ledges, and much more into a storage container to create a swimming pool you will truly enjoy.

Easy to Install

These above-ground swimming pools are also very easy to install, practically as easy to install as a regular mobile storage container. The ground must be level and stable, so that the container will be completely level and won’t shift. These swimming pool conversions have the necessary utilities built into them, so all you need to do is to hook them up once the container is in place.


If you ever move house, you won’t have to suffer the loss of a beloved backyard swimming pool. You can take your pool with you if it is an above-ground container pool! That is just one other benefit of having such a pool that you might consider for your own pool. If you are looking for a mobile storage container, you can see our store online to get a quote or make a purchase.

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