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Tips for Storing Furniture in Storage Units

Tips for Storing Furniture in Storage Units

Allied Trailers can help you move house with the best storage units and service.

If you are moving house, you likely need a place to put bulk storage as you are clearing out. Mobile storage units help keep your possessions safe, secure, and on hand. Moreover, it would help if you searched for various mobile storage unit companies in your area to see which is the most communicative, high-quality, and fair. When you have selected your storage unit provider, you’ll want to take care of your furniture and furnishings in the following ways.

Wood Furniture

Wood furniture and wood instruments are susceptible to shrinking, expanding, and warping in environments with no temperature control. Before storing the items, clean them well, and polish the furniture with wax. Waxing the wood will protect it from scratching, temperature changes, excess moisture, etc. Disassemble furniture and store nails, screws, etc. in labeled plastic bags. Protect wood furnishings with plastic underneath and loose wrappings.


Clean fabrics like clothing and sofas with applicable cleaners. The cleaner the items and their environment, the safer they will be. Remember to let everything dry completely before storing.

Metal Objects

Clean all metal objects by polishing them and using a metal cleaner. If they are small enough, you could wrap the metal objects with fabrics and store them in disassembled drawers.


Mirrors, glass, and crystal will need special care as well. After wiping them down with an appropriate cleaner:

  1. Wrap them up in packing paper and then cover with bubble wrap.
  2. Avoid taping directly onto the glass or crystal to prevent a sticky residue.
  3. Organize these items snugly into boxes, and use extra padding if necessary.


Electronics can also suffer from excessive moisture and extreme temperatures. You might want to wrap these in plastic as an extra covering and keep them off of the ground. If you store kitchen appliances, clean and dry them thoroughly and keep freezer and fridge doors slightly open.


When organizing these belongings, you want to make sure you have the easiest access to everything, even if they are in the very back of the unit. Even so, you will want to store the largest items in the back and keep the most needed items in the front. Create a path down the middle if possible, and keep an inventory list for the best organization.

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