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Tips for Storage During a Home Remodel

Tips for Storage During a Home Remodel

How does one stay organized during a home remodel? Here are a few ways to do it.

Undergoing a home remodel can be far more exhausting than one might expect. However, depending on the project and the way one prepares, it can also go smoothly with little trouble. It is best to have a friend or two help out with moving your belongings out of the way, but if you are on your own, you can still help yourself out by considering the following storage strategies.

Move Furniture Into Another Room

When remodeling your home, it can help you save money to work on one room at a time. Someone can rarely afford to revamp the entire house at once. As you work on one part of the house at a time, one way to deal with your furniture and other belongings is to shift them over into an adjacent room. Make sure you are still able to walk through that room safely if you do so.

Rent Self-Storage

The problem with shifting around furniture piles is that it can get in the way of your everyday life, even creating more stress than necessary. Another option to consider is renting out a self-storage unit. Make sure that the facility is secure, clean, and reliable. You will also have to have a means of transporting your things from your house to the unit.

Rent a Storage Container

Another option is to rent a storage container. Storage containers may vary in quality, so be sure that your container company provides clean, well-maintained products that are weatherproof and burglar-proof. Just as important is the company from which you rent; straightforward, available customer service should be your expectation.

Box and Label

Once you have determined the best mode of storage during your home remodel, it is time to get to the details. Perishable items like fabrics and food may go in a storage unit, but one must box, seal, or refrigerate them to avoid rotting. It is best to keep valuable items like jewelry and important documents in the house in a safe place, while toxic objects should never go in a storage container. Don’t forget to label your boxes according to the type of object or the room from which they came. It will make moving back in much easier. 

Smart Stacking

If you choose a space outside of your house to store your goods, you can pack the least-used items in the back of the unit and more essential ones up front for easier access. However, if you are able to leave a path in the middle of the unit, you can more easily reach something in the back if you need to. 

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