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Storage Unit Containers

Allied Storage offers versatile, competitively-priced secure storage conex boxes to numerous industries. Our storage units are weather-resistant and designed to be a safe, simple, ground-level solution for your storage requirements.

Allied Storage Unit Containers

Our storage unit containers are:

  • Constructed from high-quality steel and metal to prevent theft and weather damage
  • Available in numerous sizes, including 20’ containers and 40’ containers
  • Designed for use in a variety of capacities, including construction sites, disaster relief, public works, religious organizations, retail storage, and events
  • Ideal for storing anything from extra power tools to extra inventory for your storefront
  • Available both new and used for rent or purchase, depending on your need

Choosing the Right Storage Unit Provider

The right storage unit provider is an essential part of making sure your needs are met and that you get a high-quality storage unit that will last as long as you need (and much longer!). When choosing a storage unit provider, make sure that the company you choose:

  • Has a wealth of experience in the industry and access to high-quality products
  • Offers excellent customer service and quality assurance
  • Provides you with the options you are looking for, including the ability to buy or rent storage unit containers and trailers
  • Keeps detailed records of any inspections performed on storage units and containers, in addition to up-to-date marine surveyor records for conex containers
  • Gives you a quote that is straightforward, without any hidden fees or unexplained price increases