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Storage Container: What Not to Store

Storage Container: What Not to Store

There are several categories of items you should never store in your storage container.

A storage container is a useful invention for many applications. It can serve well for those in the government, public works, healthcare, contracting, retail, and much more. A storage container can be a practical solution for consumer needs as well, such as if you are remodeling. However, although it is popular to use a storage container in many ways, there are many other items that one should never store in a storage container.

Hazardous Materials

Topping the list is hazardous materials. One should never store toxic or radioactive chemicals in an enclosed unit like a storage container. This list includes gasoline, cleaning chemicals, poisons, pesticides, and so on. Needless to say, storing such materials in an enclosed space can be dangerous to anyone who enters the container.

Explosives or Weaponry

It is also not recommended to store anything explosive or any weaponry in a storage unit. For many transportation storage containers, doing so is illegal. Even batteries can spark a fire or explosion. Keep this in mind when thinking of what to store in your unit.

Living Organisms

Living organisms like plants should not sit in a storage unit. In an enclosed space, the plants could easily die, and their moisture could spur mold growth within the space. Of course, animals should never live in a storage container. People should not work or live inside a storage unit either. If you need office space, Allied Trailers offers office containers and trailers in various dimensions and outfitted with heating, cooling, and lighting.

Perishable Goods

Keep perishable goods out of storage units also, especially foods like milk, frozen treats, opened beverages, and fresh produce. Keeping food in a container can attract pests as well. You may be able to keep canned and dry items in a storage container, although you will want to make sure they are inside a durable, sealed box. 

Fragile or Valuable Items

Allied Trailers’ storage containers are constructed out of durable steel and come with secure door locks. They are designed to keep what’s inside in and intruders out. Even so, it may not be wise to keep your fragile or certain valuable items inside one. If you do keep clothing, jewelry, electronics, handcrafted items, or other goods in a unit, then you ought to place them in secure containers first. For retail store owners with antique items, Allied Trailers has a solution for you to keep them safe and dry. 

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