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Storage Container Delivery Service Near Me

Storage Container Delivery Service Near Me

Allied Trailers can help you deliver, set up, maintain, and pick up your mobile storage unit!

If you are looking to rent or buy a mobile storage container, there is much more to it than just choosing a unit. You have to transport it to the site and situate it so that it is stable and safe. Allied Trailers, which has eight branch locations from Maryland to Florida, allows you to either pick up a unit yourself or have it delivered and set up by our expert crew. If you are reading this post, you likely want storage container delivery service by a trusted company. See how Allied Trailers can help!

Allied Trailers’ Delivery Service

Mobile storage containers, like shipping containers, require some kind of lifting equipment to bring them from the branch location to your work site. Allied Trailers will bring it onto your site with one of their trucks and safely lift it onto a level, prepared site. Allied also offers pickup service, so when your work is done, you won’t even have to worry about how to send your equipment back. If any problems occur with the mobile storage unit during its use, you can submit a service request online to Allied Trailers’ maintenance team.

Preparing the Ground for Your Storage Container

Allied Trailers can also help you make sure you have a proper site for your storage container to go. Make sure that you have ample room to place the container and for the truck to set it down into place. Check that there are zero obstacles overhead, such as power lines, tree branches, arches, traffic lights, or anything else. You want to make sure the coast is clear for the entire area that the truck will operate and your container will be. 

The ground where you put the storage unit should not be too soft. Ideally, it should be concrete, asphalt, or another paving material. If you are setting it on the ground or uneven ground, you will need to put concrete supports under at least the four corners of the unit. These supports should account for unevenness so that the container is level. Once again, Allied Trailers can take care of the set up too, so you won’t have to worry about this step either!

Remember to stand clear of the delivery and pickup truck at all times. It may take time for the deliverer to ensure that the container is completely level, and this is not a process you want to rush. 

Still unsure if you want the Allied Trailers storage container delivery service? Contact us for more information, or visit one of our branch locations!

Contact Allied Trailers Today for Your Mobile Storage Unit!

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