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Staying Cool in Your Modular Space

Staying Cool in Your Modular Space

Beat the heat in your modular space with this advice!

A modular space can have many different uses, some used daily and some used for special events. If you are needing to dwell in your modular space for work for an extended period of time this summer, you might wonder how to make the container or trailer as cool and fresh as possible. Staying cool in your modular space is easy with these simple tips.

Keep the Doors and Windows Closed

The more insulated your modular space can be, the easier it will be to stay cool in your modular space this summer. Avoid letting the door sit open for an extended period of time, and do not crack the windows on the hottest days. In the meantime, cracking the windows when it is cool outside can assist in cool airflow and give the HVAC system a reprieve.

Keep the Windows Covered

Sunlight brings heat into any interior space it reaches, and that heat warms up the room. One can keep the temperature to a minimum by using blinds or any window treatment, especially during hours of direct sunlight. Allied Trailers’ mobile office trailers come with new blinds to give you that flexibility.

Change the Air Filter

The HVAC system of your modular space plays a large role in how cool it is, which may seem like an obvious observation. After all, part of its job is to keep you cool in your modular space. Even so, you can help the system do its job best by changing the air filter as necessary, typically once every 3-6 weeks. A dirty air filter will prevent the air from flowing as it ought and cause it to wear down faster. 

Minimize Electronic Use

Like sunlight, electronics also generate heat that can contribute to the warmth in your office trailer or container. Monitors, mini fridges, and other supplies that are warm to the touch heighten the indoor temperature. If possible, make your electronic use as efficient as possible so that only the necessary tools are running.

Rent or Buy an Efficient Modular Space

While these tactics can help you stay cool in your modular space, the very first step to take is to buy a modular container or trailer that is built for efficiency. Our trailers contain improved, all-around insulation and new, energy-efficient HVAC systems. 

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