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Why Startup Businesses Should Use Storage and Office Containers

Learn why startup businesses should use storage and office containers.

Learn why startup businesses should use storage and office containers.

Starting a business is hard, emotionally draining, and expensive. One of the biggest costs associated with starting a business is renting space, and it is also one of the most stressful since location is key for business success. Depending on the industry, this can be a real headache. If your dream is to run your own retail shop or eatery, you could start small with a pop-up shop or a food truck. But you still need space to use at an office and store your supplies, as do all the other start-up businesses, and your garage simply may not be an option (especially if you don’t have one). Whether your start-up is going to be publishing cool apps or popping-up at local markets, your needs can be met with a storage or office container.


Storage containers may have started out as simple metal boxes, but they’ve come a long way. Now they are fully customizable mini office buildings. You can add almost anything your office or storage space might need, from an outside porch to interior wi-fi. You can even customize the exterior of your office container with your signage and logo to market exactly what your business specializes in. They can come ready-to-use, with HVAC, electricity, and internet, so that all you have to do is set up your space and settle in. 


There’s a good reason that choosing a location for a business is a stressful decision. If you select the wrong place, you may not get the eyes or foot traffic that you need to drive your business. And to get a reasonable rental rate, you may have to lock yourself into a long contract without knowing. On the other hand, if you don’t lock yourself into a long contract, you may find that you actually landed in the perfect location and then watch it slip away as rent spirals out of control. Using a storage container solves these issues. Moving a storage container office is quick, easy, and much less expensive than breaking a rental agreement.


Renting space can be an expensive proposition, and in the end, you haven’t even actually purchased anything. Buying office property, however, is usually even more expensive. Storage containers make it easier. Compared to other properties, purchasing a storage container is far less expensive, even with modifications. If renting is more your speed than buying, renting, and modifying is still a very cost-effective choice compared to traditional spaces. Storage containers also offer an eco-friendly office solution (since they are often repurposed and even custom built ones use fewer materials than traditional buildings) that can highlight your environmental responsibility to your prospective customers.

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