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Soundproofing a Mobile Office Trailer

Soundproofing a Mobile Office Trailer

Need a quieter mobile office? Consider these things.

If you need portable office space in a busy, noisy location, working conditions could be tougher than if you are in a well-insulated building. Whether your location is in a major city, military base, warehouse, or construction site, you may be dealing with more noise than is comfortable. Thankfully, your mobile office trailer can be just as comfortable and quiet as the office, perhaps even more so! Here are some considerations for soundproofing your office.

Silence & Ambience

“Silence is golden,” but total silence is killer. Believe it or not, human beings need some level of background noise, or ambience, to feel comfortable. Absolute silence can make a person go crazy, literally. The famous anechoic chamber, designed to absorb all sound waves, can drive a person back out into a sound-filled world in 45 minutes or less. 

Even a very still and quiet office space in a regular building can be uncomfortable. For example, if you work in a soundproofed room with a dozen other people, any sound you make, like making a phone call or even typing, can be intimidating and make you feel self-conscious. Up the ambience level, though, and some people may start complaining. Some have higher ambience tolerance levels than others. For a happy medium, you can implement various soundproofing tactics to meet your collective needs.

Ways to Soundproof Your Mobile Space

There are at least three ways to ensure a quieter work environment: a solid mobile office trailer construction, flooring choices, and wall treatments.

Solid Doors and Windows

The thicker and more secure doors and windows are, the less sound will come through them. Allied Trailers’ mobile office units come with security doors and windows that are a trustworthy deterrent against intruders of all kinds. You can rest assured knowing that those barriers against sound, weather, and trespassers are in place.


A simple way to muffle sound in the unit itself is carpeting. People often think of mobile offices as cold, industrial, and even flimsy, but they don’t have to be. They can be just as inviting and professional as a stationary building with the right construction and touches. Carpeting of your choice can add color and muffle footsteps.

Acoustic Panels

Different tactics exist for soundproofing walls, many of which could certainly apply to mobile offices. The best and most flexible solution may be acoustic panels, which can go on any place on any wall. 

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