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Sizing Your Construction Office Trailer

Sizing Your Construction Office Trailer

Allied Trailers can help you size, budget, and deliver your construction trailer!

Buying or renting a construction office trailer requires several steps: purpose, sizing, budgeting, and delivering. With a simple plan like this, you can easily be on your way to getting the product you need. While mobile office trailers are beneficial for many purposes, construction is one of the largest industries to use an office trailer. If you are looking for the right construction office trailer for your site, Allied Trailers can help you size, price, and deliver it properly.

Exterior Sizing

Sizing your construction office trailer involves two factors: knowing how much space you have, and knowing how many employees will need to work there. One should measure how wide and long the parking area is, and choose a trailer with exterior measurements that are smaller than that space. Keep in mind that construction office trailers are raised, sitting permanently on a chassis, so OSHA-approved stairs or ramps will need to attach to the entryways, adding additional square footage.

Interior Sizing

As for the interior, one will need to account for how many people will need office space. In North America, a typical office will give between 125-225 square feet per person, or as low as 125 square feet per person in an open office setting. One could have a mix of enclosed office rooms and cubicles in a single-wide trailer.

Allied Trailers’ Construction Office Trailers

Speaking of which, single-wide trailers are the most common type. Allied Trailers offers these in multiple dimensions, including 10′ by 36′ (360 square feet) and 11’-8″ by 56′ (660.80 sq. ft.). They also offer double-wide trailers measuring 23’-4″ by 60′ (1,404 sq. ft.) and 36′ by 60′ (2,160 sq. ft.). See their office trailer product page for more information on what they offer.


Construction companies can buy or rent their construction office trailer, and each of these choices has its pros and cons. When renting a trailer, the monthly price can range between $175 to $900, depending on its size. For an exact amount, you can get a rapid, straightforward quote from Allied Trailers. Remember that your budget should also include room for delivery, pickup, and padding for any maintenance.

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