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Signs Your Mobile Office Trailer Needs Repairs

Signs Your Mobile Office Trailer Needs Repairs

Does your trailer need repairs? Allied Trailers’ maintenance crew can help.

Mobile office trailers are popular and practical office space solutions for construction work bases and temporary offices for government, retail, public works, healthcare, and religious organizations. While mobile office trailers are a fantastic solution for many, there comes a point when yours will need repairs or a replacement. Below are common signs your mobile office trailer needs repairs.

Water Leaks

Many of these signs your mobile office trailer needs repairs are issues you might encounter along your journey with your trailer, but some are much bigger than others. Water leaks of any kind are a problem that needs fixing as soon as possible. Leaking through the lines at which the building pieces join or through a leaky window could be a sign that it might be time to get a new trailer. Even so, you can talk with Allied Trailers on the east coast to see which option would be best.

Floors That Give

The floor of a mobile trailer should be solid and firm. If it sinks under you in spots, that means that something is wrong with the subfloor. The planks on the topmost subfloor level might not be attached to the joists anymore. It is best to call Allied Trailers to diagnose the issue.

Faulty HVAC

A faulty or ancient HVAC system will need to be repaired or replaced. Your air conditioning and heating unit are what make working in the office trailer comfortable and healthy, providing fresh air, comfortable temperatures, and a healthy humidity level. For the sake of everyone’s health, it’s best to call maintenance if it is compromised.

Worn-Out Tires

An office trailer sits on a permanent chassis, which includes trailer wheels. If it sits in one place for too long, it can form a flat end. The tires can also wear out in different patterns over time. Wear, tear, and leaked air could endanger the stability of the trailer, so regular visual inspections are key to catching problems fast.

Flickering Lights

No one wants to work under a flickering fluorescent light. Replacing fluorescent tube lights is an easy task, but if the problem runs deeper than that, it’s best to call a professional.

Faulty Locks

Lastly, should your window or door locks come with any deficiency, consider getting the trailer fixed. The safety of the office trailer occupants and inventory partly depends on how secure its doors and windows are. If you buy or rent an Allied Trailers’ office trailer, their maintenance crew will be quick to your call.

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