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Sales Center Trailers

Allied Storage provides flexible, high-quality, and affordable sales center trailers to give you the well-appointed sales center you need when and where you need it, from new commercial construction projects to residential housing developments. Our sales center trailers are available in styles and configurations that meet your budget and your site-specific needs, including single wide and double wide options. Our sales center trailers are available without any customizations, turnkey, or fully customized to match your brand.

Allied Sales Center Trailers

  • Texture 111 wood siding
  • Vinyl-covered gypsum
  • Overhead fluorescent lighting
  • Breaker panels (100 amp 200V single phase)
  • Vertical double-hung slider windows
  • Doors with locks

Optional office trailers items:

  • Carpeted floors
  • Security window screens
  • Skirting
  • Asphalt or dirt anchors
  • Ramps

Choosing the Right Sales Center Trailer Provider

The right trailer company won’t just drop off the sales center trailer that you are looking for; they will also go above and beyond to make sure that your sales center trailer is the right solution for your current and future needs. When choosing a trailer provider, make sure that they:

  • Have decades of experience in the industry and access to great products
  • Offer committed customer service and quality assurance
  • Have sufficient trailer maintenance staff so that problems are taken care of in a timely fashion
  • Provide you with the options you are looking for, including the ability to buy or rent your office trailer for a temporary or permanent office space solution
  • Keep detailed records of any inspections performed on office trailers
  • Give you a quote that is straightforward, without any hidden fees or unexplained price increases