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Sales Center Trailer for New Construction

Sales Center Trailer for New Construction

Allied Trailers offers fantastic sales center trailers and excellent service.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, construction continues to progress. As restrictions lift, house hunters looking for a new construction home are becoming freer to search and seal a deal. Even in Maryland, people have already been buying and moving into homes during the crisis. New construction real estate agents can get ready to sell more homes with confidence, along with the right tools.

Are Sales Center Trailers Safe?

Confined indoor spaces remain a major concern with the public. While infection rates may be decreasing in Maryland, cases in the southern east coast of the United States are still on the rise. Depending on your area, laws may be different concerning who and how many are allowed in indoor public spaces. 

Ways to Stay Healthy & Safe

Sales center trailers may pose a particular concern; however, not more than a few people tend to be in real estate sales centers at a time, and these trailers come well-equipped with ventilation. At the very least, real estate agents should assign rules and tools like mask-wearing, capacity limit, and hand sanitizer to keep people safer. After every client comes through, or at intervals throughout the day, agents can wipe down frequently-touched surfaces to limit virus transmission. During the day, one can open the door or windows to get extra fresh air if the weather is favorable.

Benefits of Sales Center Trailers

There are at least two reasons to back up the usage of sales center trailers in new construction real estate. Safety is the first. Construction sites are dangerous, yet those are the places where people will hopefully one day call home. People want to go to the site itself, and a sturdy sales center trailer is a safe way to discuss the project. Another positive is that they are reusable. Because they are mobile, they move on to the next site. There is no need to rebuild sales centers or waste materials.

Sales Center Trailers by Allied Trailers

If you happen to need a sales center trailer for your new construction site, Allied Trailers has 8 locations from Maryland down to Florida ready to serve you the best product with straightforward customer service. Their sales center trailers come fully finished inside and out and come in varying dimensions. Trust them to provide rapid service at a great price.

Contact Allied Trailers Today for Your Mobile Sales Center

Allied Trailers is a leading provider of space solutions for the construction, education, energy, industrial, commercial/retail, healthcare, and government markets. With operations on the East Coast of the United States, and serving more than 50,000 customers, Allied Trailers operates a fleet of nearly 10,000 modular space and secure storage units that are leased through a network of 8 branch locations along the East Coast of North America. Check out our Locations page for contact information, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Youtube, and our don’t forget to check out our blog.

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