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Residential Mobile Storage Units

Residential Mobile Storage Units

Allied Trailers has a mobile storage container for your residential needs!

Sometimes, a large project needs a large solution. While one may usually see on-site storage containers in commercial applications, like retail, construction, or public works, one may also see them on residential sites. If you need residential mobile storage units at your house, see what Allied Trailers has to offer.

Residential Benefits of Storage Units

Mobile storage units have many uses for countless industries, but in residential circumstances, one also finds they have several benefits. If you are moving house, for example, a mobile storage unit can help make moving furniture, appliances, etc. much more efficient. Storage units are also helpful for major home renovation projects, including cleaning out a home with lots of stuff. 

Choosing Your Storage Unit

When selecting a mobile storage unit, you will want to plan carefully based on how much you will need to house. Based on the width, length, and depth of your inventory, you will want to choose a storage container with larger interior dimensions. Ideally, you will be able to easily access items in the back without having to dig out everything in the front. 

Make sure you have a safe place to park your container also, somewhere that is relatively free of large trees, electric poles, and other tall objects that could topple on top of it. Ensure the measurements of the parking space are larger than those of the container’s exterior.

Renting or Buying

Mobile storage units are available for both rent and sale. If you plan on conducting multiple projects needing ample outdoor storage space, you’d want to purchase one. On the other hand, a one-time move or decluttering project or home renovation likely only needs a rental. You will want to estimate how long your project will take; Allied Trailers leases their units for a minimum of 2-3 months. 

Why Choose Allied Trailers?

Choosing a mobile storage unit provider is just as important as selecting a unit itself. Allied Trailers is proud to be a mobile office and storage unit provider with eight locations along the east coast and over 50,000 customers. Established in the early 1950s, it has a long history of reliability and straightforward, rapid quotes. They are honest in their dealings, never outsource containers or trailers, and provide next-day delivery guaranteed. Contact them for more information!

Contact Allied Trailers Today for Your Storage Container

Allied Trailers is a leading provider of space solutions for the construction, education, energy, industrial, commercial/retail, healthcare, and government markets. With operations on the East Coast of the United States, and serving more than 50,000 customers, Allied Trailers operates a fleet of nearly 10,000 modular space and secure storage units that are leased through a network of 8 branch locations along the East Coast of North America. Check out our Locations page for contact information, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Youtube, and don’t forget to check out our blog.

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