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Renting vs. Buying A Storage Unit Container: Which Is Better For Your Business?

Find out if your business if better off renting or buying a storage unit container.

Find out if your business is better off renting or buying a storage unit container.

When you need a storage container for your business, you have the option to either rent or purchase. Storage containers serve a variety of purposes for multiple industries, and you must think about whether it is more cost-effective to buy or rent the container for your project or business. Allied Trailers has both new and used containers available for rent or purchase, depending on your needs! Continue reading to learn which industries should rent, and which industries should think about buying a storage unit container.

Rent: Retail, Mechanical, and Landscaping

For many businesses, renting a storage container makes the most sense financially. You essentially lose money when you aren’t using a purchased container, so renting works best for businesses who don’t need permanent storage. For example, retail stores typically use containers to keep additional merchandise, but they won’t need the units year-round. Also, retail stores don’t have free access to equipment to allow them to transport the containers to various stores, making renting a much better option.

Mechanical subcontractors should also rent their storage containers, as it doesn’t make much sense for their job. While subcontractors almost always need some type of storage, they need the flexibility of using various sizes of containers, rather than sticking with one size for every job. Also, many subcontractors don’t have enough room in their facilities to keep large storage containers when they aren’t in use, so purchasing one doesn’t make much sense.

Also, businesses that need to store materials that can damage a container over time should rent rather than purchase. For example, landscaping companies may need a storage container for fertilizer or salt, which can corrode the steel of a container over a few years. If these materials are stored for short periods of time in a rental, the damage will not be ruined.

Buy: General Contractor Or Construction Company

If you have a large enough company, you may want to consider purchasing a storage container rather than renting. Project managers of construction companies that run multiple jobs at once need portable storage constantly. A good way to make the decision is to ask yourself if you need the storage container for 18 months or more. If the answer is yes, buying the container is a more cost-effective decision.

The Allied Advantage

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