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Renting A Storage Container Vs. Self-Storage

Learn about the benefits of renting a storage container vs. self-storage.

Learn about the benefits of renting a storage container vs. self-storage.

Renting a storage unit container is a safe and secure ground-level solution for all of your storage requirements, but how does it compare to self-storage options such as lockers or mini-storage unit? If you are in need of a place to hold personal items or products and tools for work, continue reading to learn about the benefits of renting a storage container.


If you’re in an area that fluctuations in temperature from extreme cold in the winter to extreme heat in the summer, it’s crucial to find a storage solution that is temperature controlled and weather resistant. Storage unit containers from Allied Trailers are all constructed from high-quality steel and metal to prevent theft and water damage to ensure your items are protected all year long!

Easy Access

For those who need to be able to access their stored items easily, a storage unit container is the best choice. A storage container can remain on your property or at your business and is ideal for those who need ground-level storage. Allied Trailers has units that are designed for a variety of industries and capabilities, including construction sites that need to store power tools or retail stores that need to store excess inventory. We will deliver the unit to the location you need to ensure you have easy access to your items.

Temporary or Long-Term Storage

Most self-storage solutions operate on a monthly payment plan, but you may need to sign a lease for a minimum amount of time. This can get quite pricey, especially if you can’t cancel your service when you no longer need the unit. However, with a storage container, you have a lot more flexibility to find a storage solution that works best for your needs. Allied Trailers offers new and used containers for rent or purchase, and our minimum lease is a short 2-3 months. We offer flexible lease terms to ensure our customers get exactly what they need and what they pay for. At Allied Trailers, we pride ourselves on giving customers accurate quotes without any hidden fees or unexplained price increases.

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