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The Pros of Living In A Shipping Container


Check out why so many people are opting to live in shipping containers!

At first thought, the idea of living in a shipping container doesn’t sound too appealing. However, think about making a home out of a shipping container in the same way that you think about homes being made of any other material. It’s a choice that comes with many benefits that a lot of innovative homeowners are taking advantage of. Check out why so many people are opting to live in shipping containers.


Every year, many homeowners spend big investments to build their own home on their own property. It’s great for people who want a completely customized living experience. With shipping containers, you’ll get the same benefits but at a fraction of the cost. Shipping container homes are cheap yet incredibly valuable. Two 40-foot shipping containers provide up to 600 square foot of living space and the average cost is $35,000.


There are approximately 11 million shipping containers that aren’t being used. If you divide that by two, that would make at least 5.5 million homes for people, using about 7,700 pounds of recycled steel. This would be great for the environment because it greatly cuts down on the materials used to build houses.

Home Delivery

Shipping container homes can be built off-site and then shipped to your property when completed. There are many factors that make this a convenient option, including access to tools and electricity for builders. It also ensures that weather won’t play a role in delaying construction and you can stay relatively on schedule for completion of the shipping container home.   

The Allied Advantage

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