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Pros and Cons of Guard Booths

Pros and Cons of Guard Booths

Does your facility or site need a guard booth? Look to Allied Trailers!

Guard booths, also commonly known as guard shacks, are used as portable, compact buildings in a variety of situations. When it comes to security plans, investing in a guard booth can make a world of difference. However, you might be wondering what makes guard booths so great and its potential downfalls as well. Here are both the pros and cons when it comes to these guard booths.

Amazing Security

One benefit of guard booths is that they provide better security than anything else. Whenever you are dealing with large construction sites, having adequate security becomes a top priority. A prefabricated guard booth or shack can ultimately provide you with greater staff security and thereby peace of mind for everyone involved. Guard booths are incredible when it comes to security surveillance. As a result, many use them in multiple construction sites to protect their projects generally. Guard booths can also be outfitted with monitors and other video surveillance systems to sufficiently protect any job site. 

Providing A Useful Central Point

Another perk associated with guard booths is their unique ability to provide a central point for any construction site. While guard booths are so versatile, they are uniquely designed to also serves myriad of varying purposes as needed. However, most of these have in common that they can ultimately serve as the central point of reference. Whether it’s a park, a medical facility, or a commercial or residential parking lot, guard booths serve various purposes while always being able to serve as a central point that is easy to find and locate. 

Customized To Suit All Your Potential Needs

Whatever your needs are, guard booths are uniquely made to fit in any scenario and serve your needs accordingly. From built-in restrooms to extra doors, there are many different ways guard booths can help job and construction sites be most useful and successful. 

Minor Drawbacks

As with anything, there are always a few downsides associated with guard booths. The most notable is the cost. Guard booths are not cheap, but often, they are worth the investment. 

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