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Portable Classrooms and COVID-19

Portable Classrooms and COVID-19

How can portable classrooms help your school thrive? Read on to find out.

Schools have had a trying time this year, beginning in March with the lockdown and throughout this fall as the new school year began. Hundreds of schools across the United States use portable classrooms, and more may find that these units could be helpful during this challenging time. Here’s how portable classrooms could help your school continue to thrive this year and the next.

Create Smaller Class Sizes

The primary way that people are seeking to stop the spread of the virus is to avoid human contact until the virus dies out. However, in-person learning has proved to be far more effective for students, especially younger students. If your school has the freedom to open its doors, you can safely promote distanced learning by reducing class sizes. The more students can spread out, the better. Portable classrooms can help make that happen.

Part Online, Part In-Person

One concern of dividing classes is having enough teachers to cover each class. If you have more classes, you’ll need more teachers. With a portable classroom, however, you don’t necessarily have to rush to hire more staff members. While you are teaching half the students in one room, you can also teach the others in the mobile unit online. Each class group can alternate between online and in-person.

Staggered Class Times

Another method is to stagger the class times. For instance, one half of the students might attend during the morning, while the other half attends in the afternoon. Alternatively, half could attend on Mondays and Wednesdays, while the others come on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This strategy would take significant planning, but would still accomplish having a less-crowded school building.

Work on Building Renovations

Aside from purely COVID-19 concerns, portable classrooms have been a must-have for schools dealing with building renovations. While construction is happening, students have a safe place to continue learning in the same room with their teachers.


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