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New Allied Double-Wide Trailers

New Allied Double-Wide Trailers

Allied’s double-wide trailers are upgraded and ideal for your next project.

Allied Trailers’ new double-wides are upgraded, enhanced, and ideal for your next project. Our new and improved double-wide trailers are ideal for construction sites, live events, schools, and other industries that need extra room or a certain space configuration. With Allied Trailers, you can expect quality mobile office trailers and a customer service experience to match. If you are on the east coast and are interested in our upgraded double-wide trailers, contact us or visit us at one of our eight branch locations!

Allied’s New Double-Wide Trailers

Allied Trailers ensures the best quality office trailers possible. That is why we continually look for ways to upgrade our modular units so you can have the best experience. Our new office trailers in single-wides and double-wides alike have new exterior lighting, ADA-compliant restrooms, improved insulation and energy efficiency, and all-new materials.

Why Choose a Double-Wide Trailer?

Allied Trailers’ double-wide office trailers are exceptional, but when does it become preferable to use a double-wide model versus a single-wide one? It all depends on how many people you will need to occupy the modular space and what kind of configuration works best for your needs. 

A double-wide trailer may provide more square footage and more compact square footage than even the longest single-wide model. If you need multiple individual office spaces, a conference room, and a common area in one mobile space, it could be more convenient to double the width of your trailer rather than use multiple single-wide ones.

The purpose of your modular space may also call for a wider blueprint. Modular classrooms will likely do better in a room that is more square than rectangular to arrange desks in the most suitable way for learning. In other cases, it could simply be more desirable to have a compact rather than a long office space.

Why Choose Allied Trailers?

Allied Trailers celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2022. For nearly 100 years, Allied Trailers has been providing the mobile office and storage spaces many industries need to perform their jobs best. Construction companies, hospitals, retail stores, hospitality, schools, and many others have benefitted from using our durable trailers to host their operations. We make the process as smooth as possible and offer on-time delivery and pick up of our modular units. Request a free, straightforward quote online, give us a call, or visit us at any of our locations!

Contact Allied Trailers Today for Your Mobile Trailer!

Allied Trailers is a leading provider of space solutions for the construction, education, energy, industrial, commercial/retail, healthcare, and government markets. With operations on the East Coast of the United States, and serving more than 50,000 customers, Allied Trailers operates a fleet of nearly 10,000 modular space and secure storage units that are leased through a network of 8 branch locations along the East Coast of North America. Check out our Locations page for contact information, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Youtube, and don’t forget to check out our blog.

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