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Modular Permits and Zoning Tips

Modular Permits and Zoning Tips

Do you need a permit for your modular office or storage unit?

Careless mistakes can be easy to make, but they are also easy to avoid! The last thing you want to experience when renting or purchasing a mobile office trailer or storage container is an unexpected fine handed out to you by your local jurisdiction. One should always research their local area’s rules concerning permits for office trailers and storage containers. Here is more on modular permits and zoning tips.

Navigating Your Local Jurisdiction

It is always a must to research the area in which you plan to place your modular units to see what their rules are for setting them up. You never know if they will require a permit for parking your unit there. There are also rules to follow concerning the distance between your trailer and surrounding permanent structures. If modular permits are required, the permit office will likely want detailed information on the size, architecture, foundation, utilities, and more, which your modular unit provider should be happy to give. To find out what the exact codes for your area are, search for modular office trailer permit requirements for your given county.

Navigating Zones

As one becomes familiar with different permit laws for different areas, one will see that one is more likely to need a permit in some instances more than others. There are different requirements for office trailers and storage containers set up on commercial, industrial, and residential premises, for example. You are less likely to need a permit for a trailer on a construction site, as it is considered a temporary part of the project. However, you are more likely to need a permit if your trailer has its own address, if it is in a high traffic area, or if it is in a residential neighborhood. Again, local zoning laws differ depending on the region and county.

Partnering with Allied Trailers

Allied Trailers is a modular unit provider with eight branch locations from Maryland to Florida. We provide exceptional office trailers, office containers, and storage containers for a wide range of industries and useful accompanying services such as pickup, delivery, modular unit set up, and maintenance. Our easy billing method and insurance tips will also help you prepare for your modular unit. To learn more about modular permits and zoning, contact us today!

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