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Mobile Storage for Public Works

Mobile Storage for Public Works

Fire departments, police departments, and more benefit from our storage containers!

Mobile storage containers are helpful for many industries due to their durability and flexibility. Mobile storage units have the benefit of being just that: mobile. A business can bring them to whatever facility they need and keep them as long as needed. They are also highly durable against intruders and harsh weather. Allied Trailers rents out and sells mobile storage for public works industries, including the types below.


Airports need heavy-duty mobile storage for many reasons. They come in useful for long-term storage, supplies storage, and parts storage. No matter what type of secure storage needs an airport might have, Allied Trailers is one of the leading companies providing mobile storage for public works, including airports. Any airport can find a storage container that suits their needs.

Police Departments

Police departments also need plenty of storage space, and secure storage at that. Police departments need storage for equipment as well as mounds of paperwork and physical evidence. They need significant storage to house an ever-growing pile of data, physical or digital, which is where mobile storage comes into play.

Fire Departments

Allied Trailers also has experience providing mobile storage containers to fire departments. Fire departments have many different types of equipment, including fire hoses, SCBA cylinders, cleaning supplies, and personal protection equipment (PPE). Lockable, efficient storage is essential in a setting where professionals must be ready for an emergency call at all times.

Military Bases

Military bases likewise may need mobile storage containers to house multiple categories of equipment. Communication systems, military gear, medical supplies, arms, and maintenance parts are some of the inventory that might need additional storage space. 

Parks & Recreation

Parks and recreational companies might also need extra mobile storage space for sporting equipment like kayaks, bikes, rock climbing gear, and much more. Modular spaces are also excellent for housing maintenance parts.


Any of these industries could require construction work at some point. If this is the case, mobile storage might be necessary for temporarily housing precious equipment. They are also ideal for construction supplies! Allied Trailers has decades of experience providing mobile storage for public works and is happy to help your company thrive.

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