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Mobile Office Trailers and Severe Weather

Mobile Office Trailers and Severe Weather

How can you keep your mobile office trailer safe in hurricane season? Take these precautions.

Mobile office trailers provide a swift and reliable solution for businesses across the country. One may use a mobile container for construction site office work, realtor services for new construction, or a business location during a major building renovation. The possibilities are endless. However, with hurricane season underway on the United States’ east coast, one may wonder how to make sure their mobile office trailers are safe in severe weather.

Are Mobile Office Trailers Safe in Storms?

Professionals selling mobile office trailers have mixed reviews on how sturdy their products are in the midst of a severe storm. Some claim to withstand hurricane winds, while others say they cannot handle them. Different mobile trailer companies likely sell slightly different makes, and so durability may vary among the different products. However, the consensus is that mobile, prefabricated units have nothing close to the fortitude of earth’s greatest castles and monuments and do require extra help to secure them in the storm. 

Ways to Protect Your Mobile Office Trailer

The primary way to ready your mobile office trailer for a severe storm is to tie it down. You will need more or less ties, depending on the size of the unit. In general, you will need at least four of them.

Location is also a key factor in how stable your unit will be. Park it on high, solid ground to limit the chance of flooding, away from buildings, tree branches, telephone poles, high fences, and other objects that could topple over or whack into it. 

Protect the mobile trailer itself by wrapping shipping plastic under the roof and over the bottom floorboard to prevent water seepage. Add extra locks and security to windows and doors if necessary. Allied Trailers’ products all come with security windows and doors. Also, keep a waterproof container to store valuable documents and equipment, just in case water comes through.

After a Storm

After a major storm has passed, inspect the trailer for damage. Check the roof and siding for cracks and openings, inspect the doors and windows for functionality, and look out for any other irregularities. If your mobile office has suffered significant damage, you may need to turn off the electricity and call for repairs. It is better to manage fixes now than to return it broken to the manufacturer. 

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