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Mobile Office Container Configurations

Mobile Office Container Configurations

A mobile office container is versatile inside and out. Check out these different possible configurations!

Allied Trailers prides itself in providing custom solutions for its customers. All along the east coast, from Maryland to Florida, you might see an Allied Trailers office trailer, office container, or storage unit parked on a business lot or construction site. These versatile buildings are customizable inside and out, and every company’s need is slightly different. Below are several mobile office container configurations to consider.

Open Layout

An open layout is the simplest model you can find. The base model of a mobile office container is one open space, along which one can group desks, shelves, and amenities. Allied Trailers offers 8′ by 20′ and 8′ by 40′ mobile office containers. 

Two Offices

Another option is to divide the mobile office into two separate spaces to create two offices. Allied Trailers could construct a wall with a door in between the rooms, and the dimensions of each room can be customizable. 

Office & Storage

Allied Trailers also sells and leases mobile office container configurations that include both an office and a storage space. The storage unit is easily accessible by a door through the office and a regular doorway through the back of the unit. This option is convenient for businesses that need to store considerable inventory while working on-site. 

Office & Conference Room

Another option is to separate the office container into two rooms, one for an office and one for a conference room. This arrangement is more or less the same as creating two office spaces, although the furnishings will naturally look different. Some Allied Trailers trailers come with built-in furniture such as desks and planning tables.

Office & Powder Room

Whether you have two office spaces, one office space, or a combined office and storage unit, mobile office container configurations are often not complete without a built-in restroom. The convenience of a “real” bathroom is always welcome to both employees and visitors. 

Allied Trailers Mobile Office Containers

What can you expect with a mobile office container from Allied Trailers? Each mobile office unit is constructed in-house and is never outsourced. This is one assurance that you are getting a high-quality unit. Every unit comes with finished interiors, including fluorescent overhead lighting and an HVAC system. Contact Allied Trailers for more information!

Contact Allied Trailers Today for Your Mobile Office Container!

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