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Medical Uses for Mobile Trailers

Medical Uses for Mobile Trailers

Allied Trailers supplies mobile office and storage solutions for many medical applications.

Mobile office trailers have many uses for many fields, but one industry in which they come especially handy is healthcare. Allied Trailers is proud to support many healthcare centers and hospitals along the east coast with their mobile office and storage needs. Below are some of the many medical uses for mobile trailers.

Testing & Vaccination Site

One service that Allied Trailers has helped with is testing and vaccinations. Putting testing and vaccination sites where people can easily find them is key to delivering these services most effectively. Allied Trailers offers trailers and office containers in varying dimensions with room for customization.

Mobile Health Clinic

Aside from testing and vaccinations, emergency and preventative healthcare services also benefit the community when they are on the road. Mobile health clinics take primary and emergency healthcare to low-income, isolated, and displaced communities. An office trailer is a great vehicle for the job, complete with fully-finished, energy-efficient interiors.

Disaster Relief

Similarly, if you have a disaster relief team that serves areas suffering from hurricane, tornado, or earthquake damage, a durable trailer is a superb central hub for conducting operations and delivering community needs.

Office Space

Medical uses for mobile trailers aren’t always about directly treating patients. Office work is another necessary part of the picture. If your building is under construction, you need overflow space, or you are working with a mobile crew, modular office space is a great solution.

Health Screening

Health screening is another common medical service that hospitals and other medical groups may want to deploy in a mobile capacity. Health screening is the testing for certain diseases before there are symptoms, which helps with early treatment.

Lab Work

A mobile office trailer is an excellent option if you need extra space to do lab work and research. Allied Trailers’ mobile trailers are fully finished with insulation, overhead lighting, heating & cooling, and in some models, ADA-compliant restrooms. Our up-to-date models are equipped to house temperature-sensitive items.

Storage Space

Allied Trailers provides more than just office space. We also offer mobile storage containers in various dimensions, including 20′ and 40′. If you would like an office and storage combo unit, we offer those as well! Allied Trailers makes it easy and allows you to request a quote, rent, or purchase online.

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