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How to Maintain an Office Trailer

How to Maintain an Office Trailer

With much use comes some maintenance. Here is a brief guide on how to care for your unit.

Mobile office trailers are used by many industries, including construction, disaster relief, COVID-19 testing, start-ups, and so many others. They are an excellent temporary solution during renovation projects and on-the-go work. With all the usage, an office trailer does need maintenance. Below are some general ways to help you keep it in good shape.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning is the most fundamental way to care for both your health and your trailer’s longevity. Dirt and grime can wear a structure down, and mold makes it far worse. Set up a weekly routine for vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and wiping everything clean. You’ll also want to keep fresh air coming in from time to time and bring in a few plants or crack the windows.

Maintain the HVAC

Even with an open window or a couple of plants, your HVAC unit is really the one in charge of regulating airflow and temperature. Just like you would at home, someone will need to change the air filter regularly. Check the unit a few times per year for any leaks or damage.

Minimize Moisture 

When the rainy and humid seasons come, you’ll want to keep your mobile office trailer’s humidity level to its minimum. In general, a space is most comfortable with 30-50% moisture in the air. Be sure that the trailer has no leaks and install a dehumidifier and fans if necessary.

Adjust for the Seasons

Your mobile office trailer may have different needs depending on if it’s cold or hot outside. In particular, you may need to take special precautions if you expect strong winds during hurricane season, such as strapping it down and boarding up the windows. Never park the trailer in a place where it can get smashed by tall, falling objects.

Inspect Regularly

Lastly, remember to inspect the mobile office unit regularly. You don’t always recognize when something is wrong with your house; in the same way, a problem with the trailer can creep up on you. Inspect it for leaks and holes, damage from animals, insects, or the elements, and any issues with the heating and cooling system. For assistance, call Allied Trailers! They’d be happy to help.

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