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How to Maintain a Guard Booth

How to Maintain a Guard Booth

Keep your guard booth lasting for decades with these easy maintenance tips.

A guard booth is an essential security measure for various establishments, including construction sites, hotels, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, and more. It can help deter intruders physically and mentally and acts as a checkpoint to filter out any threat that might come through. The guard booth has a great responsibility to keep its tenant safe, comfortable, and able to do the job. Below are a few tips on how to maintain a guard booth.

Choose a Sturdy Model

The best way to ensure that you’ll have a guard booth that will last for years with little maintenance needs is to choose a model with high-quality materials and workmanship. A guard booth should be able to sustain not only attacks from people but wear and tear from the weather as well. A guard booth in Maryland can sustain burning heat and frigid temperatures, wind, rain, and snow. Make sure your guard booth provider is straightforward and personable, able to lead you to the product you need seamlessly. Allied Trailers boasts of exceptional service and products deliverable to companies throughout the United States’ eastern coast.

Clean the HVAC

The heating, cooling, and ventilation of a guard booth and other portable units are vital to the comfort and productivity of the guard. The HVAC unit needs an air filter changing perhaps once a month so that the machine continues to operate efficiently. If the air filter becomes clogged for too long, the unit may overwork itself or even start a fire. If your unit has heaters, these will also need cleaning once a year to avoid excess dust, debris, and even mold.

Clean Weekly

Air quality in a guard booth is also an important feature to ensure the guard’s health. A weekly clean, including wiping down desks, windows, doorknobs, floors, keyboards, etc. will improve sanitation and the air quality in that contained space. It can also contribute to the condition of the booth itself.


Possible repairs your booth may need over the years may be for leaky windows, HVAC malfunctions, worn paint, among other issues. Should anything happen to your portable unit, Allied Trailers’ maintenance team is ready to assist. 

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