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Keeping an Office Trailer Cool in Summer

Keeping an Office Trailer Cool in Summer

Need to beat the heat in your office trailer? Here are several ways how.

In Maryland, July is perhaps the hottest, muggiest month of the year. Finding ways to keep cool mainly involves staying indoors. In the construction industry, one may need to work regularly in a mobile office trailer to remain on the project site. In a trailer, it might be more difficult to beat the heat. However, there are numerous solutions to keeping your office trailer cool.

A Shaded Location

If possible, park the mobile trailer in a shaded location, such as near a large tree. Parking it next to the north or west faces of a building can also limit direct sunlight. If shade is not possible, aim to rent or buy a trailer that is a light color to reflect the UV rays.


In some regions, enjoying summer may mean opening the windows and doors to let in some fresh air. In the southeast United States, this pleasure is impossible. The best way to keep cool indoors is to keep the outside air out. Keep the door and windows securely shut.

Blinds or Curtains

To prevent more heat from the office trailer’s interior, keep direct sunlight out with curtains or blinds. The less sunlight is inside, the less heat gets inside. A mobile trailer could otherwise become like a greenhouse.


Allied Trailers’ office trailers come with heating and cooling units. With the durable build of the mobile unit, the cooling should effectively ventilate and soothe the room. Make sure to change the air filter regularly to avoid overworking the HVAC unit. With a filter clean of dust and debris, the air will be able to flow through the room freely, and one can avoid a potential fire as well.


For additional air conditioning, one can always go the traditional route with an electric fan or two. Allied Trailers’ office trailers can be custom made to fit the size, shape, and number of rooms you need. For multiple offices, one may wish to have their own desk fan.

Electronic Equipment

Sunlight generates heat within an indoor space, but so does electronic equipment. Limit how much energy you generate in the office trailer to get a cooler temperature. Turn off dormant computers, televisions, and other unused appliances to save on heat and electricity.

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