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Keeping Classroom Trailers Safe

Keeping Classroom Trailers Safe

Give your classroom trailer the cleanliness and safety it needs.

Classroom trailers are prevalent throughout the United States, but unfortunately often pose health and safety risks for teachers and students alike. Even so, it is also possible for them to be turned into a pleasant and unique learning environment when cared for properly. Allied Trailers offers classroom trailers of various dimensions for your education needs in Maryland and is dedicated to keeping your faculty and children safe.

Concerns About Classroom Trailers

Classroom trailers, also called portable classrooms, have been a point of concern for schools all over the country. Some trailers fail to provide adequate heating and cooling or insulation for inhabitants, leaving them to sweat or freeze all day. Ventilation and cleanliness are also issues, with carbon dioxide levels rising within the unit from the many occupants’ breathing. 

Schools may also fail to provide adequate safety for portables through lack of fencing, fire alarms, security systems, and inaccessibility to the permanent school building. While classroom trailers are meant to be temporary structures during school renovations, the units often sit on lots for decades.

Tips for Keeping Them Clean

Classroom trailers don’t have to be dingy and inefficient. Allied Trailers is happy to answer any questions you have about the quality of the portables they offer for businesses, hospitals, and schools alike. Their maintenance staff is there to assist in any problems you find with one of their trailers as well. Meanwhile, there are several ways to keep a classroom trailer clean and healthy. These spaces need as much regular cleaning as any other kind; vacuuming the carpets keep dirt out while spraying all high-touch surfaces kill germs and viruses. Adding plants and occasionally opening windows can assist in promoting healthy indoor air quality.

Tips for Keeping Them Safe

Besides keeping the classroom trailer clean to promote health and comfort, one also needs to be safe and secure. First, it is necessary to place the mobile unit in a place surrounded by a fence, lest anyone have access to the door. Next, security systems like door access, fire alarms and drills, and communications between the unit and the school building need to be in place. Allied Trailers assures that their doors and windows are made with secure locks. Additionally, every trailer should have a first aid kit and fire extinguisher on hand. For the health and safety of teachers and students, Allied Trailers is here to support your mission. 

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