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Keeping a Mobile Storage Container Cool

Keeping a Mobile Storage Container Cool

If you need custom on-site storage, consider these ways to keep your container cool this summer.

The summer gets hot and hotter on the east coast, and that temperature is even higher inside a mobile storage container. Portable storage containers are made of sturdy metal and steel, and with Allied Trailers, you can trust that the product is of high quality and security. Allied Trailers also offers customization options, so you can outfit your storage or office container or trailer however you wish. For keeping a mobile storage container cool in summer, check out these tips!

Paint the Roof

The metal roof of your container will be the hot spot you’ll want to address first. One should paint the roof a light color such as white, light gray, or any other such color so the sun will reflect off of it. Better yet, use reflective paint. 

Keep It in the Shade

If you have a spot on the north side of a building to park your mobile storage containers, keep them there, or wherever else there is ample shade. Objects in the shade are naturally cooler than objects in direct sunlight. 


One way to add more temperature control is insulation. Insulating the structure will reduce heat transfer between the outside and inside successfully. One can use different types of insulation, including spray insulation. If this is something you are interested in doing, talk with Allied Trailers about what they can do for you!

Add Air Conditioning Devices

The two facets of keeping a mobile storage container cool are temperature and ventilation. One can also install various appliances such as an air conditioner, a dehumidifier, vents, and exhaust fans. An expert can discuss further with you which would work best and where. It can also help to keep a humidity meter in the container for monitoring.

Install Windows

Windows placed on opposite sides of the container will help create cross-ventilation. Cracking the windows on particularly hot days can help the container breathe, as well as provide natural light for visibility. If too much sunlight gets in, you can always add shades, curtains, or blinds.

Arrange for Air Flow

The contents of your mobile storage container will also affect its temperature and humidity. Keep your inventory off of the ground and neatly placed on shelves or racks, ensuring enough airflow to prevent pockets of hot, moist air from forming. Avoid storing items with a high moisture content, and place an open bag of cat litter in a corner to soak up excess humidity.

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