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Keep Security Staff Comfortable And Safe With An On-Site Guard Booth

Learn how to keep your security staff comfortable and safe.

Learn how to keep your security staff comfortable and safe.

Security guards play a crucial role for many businesses and office parks, as they keep the buildings and all occupants inside safe from unwanted visitors. If your security staff is located outside, it’s important to give them a guard booth to allow them to remain comfortable and safe while doing their job. Continue reading to learn about the importance of guard booths and the benefits they can have for your security staff.


Security personnel are often on their feet, whether they are patrolling an area or standing for hours at a time at the entrance of your building. A guard booth allows the staff to have a place to sit and stay out of the harsh sun, wind, or rain during inclement weather in between rounds. With the hot Maryland summers coming up, it’s also important to include air conditioning to ensure security guards stay cool and comfortable with shelter from the sun.


Security guards should also be protected from any hazardous situations or intruders with weapons. Of course, it is a security guard’s duty to keep your business and the occupants inside safe from danger, but they also need a place that offers protection. At Allied Trailers, we are proud to raise the bar for security needs, and we offer numerous customizable solutions that can be adapted to a variety of situations to keep your security staff secure.


When you decide to install a guard booth on your business’s property, the last thing you want is to have to wait or pay more than you expected. Allied Trailers is a great choice for all your security booth needs, as we provide clear and honest quotes so you know exactly what you’re paying for, next-day shipping, and we offer a great deal of flexibility. If you only need a security guard booth for a certain amount of time or an event, we can deliver the booth and pick it up whenever you are done. Allied Trailers’ guard booths are durably constructed to withstand the outside elements and environment and will keep your security staff comfortable and safe.

Security Solutions From Allied Trailers

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