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Industries That Need Guard Booths

Industries That Need Guard Booths

Guard booths are necessary and practical for many industries.

Businesses come in all forms, shapes, and sizes, for any need you can imagine. Industries cover a wide variety of needs for communities to thrive and work together. However, some facilities are more dangerous, confidential, or vulnerable than others and need bolstered security from the very entrance to the property. Below are several categories of industries that need guard booths, which Allied Trailers can proudly supply.

Government and Military

Government and military facilities require guard booths at all times. They are necessary to allow only authorized or qualified individuals to enter the grounds. Having a barrier and booth helps the facility personnel control and know who and how many people enter the grounds. This level of security can apply to all forms of government or military property. 

Warehouse and Fulfillment

Warehouse and fulfillment centers are more crucial than ever in today’s economy. E-commerce is in full swing, with the surge in online buying and online businesses. Companies large and small also use these services for marketing purposes to deliver mail and other products. Due to the high volume of valuables and possible manufacturing involved, these centers need around-the-clock security to prevent unauthorized people from entering.


School and college campuses give property managers a significant responsibility. Not only do they house valuable property, but also the lives of many students and adults. Unfortunately, many schools across the country lack sufficient security to protect them against various threats, particularly break-ins. For particularly large campuses, instituting an entrance guard booth could be a smart move.

Multi-Family Real Estate

One might see guard booths stationed at multi-family complexes such as apartments, condominiums, or retirement centers. Multi-family or retirement home premises rely on security to keep dangerous persons out, especially if the property is in an urban setting. A guard booth ensures control over visitor entry.


Some parks require an entry fee. Any place that requires a fee for entry should have a guard booth set up at the entrance. This way, the toll collector has a safe shelter from which to work. He won’t have to bear the sun’s heat, the rain, or the cold, and the structure would be strong enough to prevent a robbery. Plus, your park and recreation center can stay safe.

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