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How to Organize a Mobile Storage Container

How to Organize a Mobile Storage Container

Organizing a mobile storage unit takes several simple steps.

Construction workers, retail store managers, hospitality employees, and many others use mobile storage containers to house extra or new inventory on an ongoing basis. Inventory management is an art and a science, and improvements are often always welcome. If you are looking to know how best to organize a mobile storage container, read on for these ideas.

Organize in Aisles

The best way to organize a mobile storage container is to store your inventory in aisles down each long side of the storage unit. You want to be able to reach the very back of the unit without hazard, so keeping a clear, safe pathway to the back is essential. One can use industrial shelving systems to house everything neatly.

Have Good Lighting

It is also necessary to start with an adequate mobile storage container. Allied Trailers is a mobile storage and office trailer company that has served Maryland down to Florida for many decades. Their mobile units are all sourced in-house, so you can always know the quality is assured. Make sure your storage container has sufficient lighting all throughout its length.

Label Clearly

Inventory is much harder to manage when it is not labeled or organized well. Every company will have its own way of categorizing items, but without labels, it can be impossible to find what you need. Labeling ideas include adding a barcode, writing what the contents are of each box, and taking a picture of the boxed items and putting it on the box’s front. It is best to have a combination of two of these three.

Scan in a Snap

Among these choices, barcoding is an excellent way to organize your mobile storage container. By applying a barcode to each box and scanning them into a system, one can easily look up items to see what is in stock. There are also helpful apps to make keeping track of inventory easier than ever.

Set up a Receiving Station

If it applies to your business, you could also set up a receiving station with one person always ready to take in new items and hand out stored items. This checking point makes it clear who is in charge of getting out and handling what. 

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