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How to Open a Mobile Storage Container

How to Open a Mobile Storage Container

How exactly do you open a mobile storage unit? If you have questions, Allied can help!

Mobile storage containers are practical, on-site storage solutions for many industries and groups around the world. Retail stores, hotels, gas stations, government facilities, and hospitals alike benefit from these units. Of course, it helps all the more to know exactly how to use one. Below is how to open a mobile storage container and what Allied Trailers can offer you.

How to Open a Mobile Storage Container

A mobile storage unit will have two doors at one end. You will see that across these doors are four vertical metal rods that extend from the top all the way to the bottom of the unit’s face. Each door will have opposite-facing handles and a lockbox in the middle.

To open a mobile storage container, you will first want to unlock the lockbox with its key. After that, raise the latch above the handle on the right-side door. Next, raise the handle and move it from right to left. This step will unhinge the locking mechanisms on the middle and bottom portions of the door. Then, open the right-side door by pulling the metal rod closest to the lock. 

Repeat the same process with the left-side door. If the left door has two locking handles, unlock each one at a time. Note that not every storage container will have the same number of locks per door, but the locking mechanism is essentially the same. 

Holding It Open and Closing

To hold the container doors open, you might find a hook on each side of the unit, from which you can tie the corner of the door with a short rope. When closing the doors, perform the same opening procedure in reverse, first closing the left door and then the right. For more details on how to open a mobile storage container, call Allied Trailers.

Mobile Storage Containers by Allied Trailers

Allied Trailers offers new and used mobile storage units for sale and for rent. If you are planning to use your units consistently for years, buying might be a good option. Otherwise, renting works whether you are going short or long-term. Allied Trailers’ storage units are constructed in-house out of high-quality metal and steel and are never outsourced. If you need a reliable and rapid quote on what one might cost you, contact them today!

Contact Allied Trailers Today for Your Mobile Office Trailer!

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