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Guidelines for Storage Container Maintenance

Check out these guidelines for storage container maintenance.

Check out these guidelines for storage container maintenance.

Storage containers can be a great benefit to your business. They can provide a place to store extra stock as you gear up for a big sale, or they can provide much needed expanded office and storage space as your company grows. They can even help you store things while you renovate. If you want to get the most out of your storage containers, however, you have to follow some simple maintenance guidelines. Otherwise, the containers and the goods you store inside could be damaged.

Protect Your Items

Before you start putting things into your storage container, take some time to protect them. Dismantle any big items as much as possible. Wrap sharp corners and breakable items in bubble wrap or fabric. This way they won’t be accidentally broken and they also won’t damage the container. As much as possible, pack stuff into boxes and clearly label them so you know what is inside. You don’t want to be unpacking every box to find the item you need because it wasn’t labeled.

Organize Effectively

As you are loading things and boxes into your trailer, remember that the stuff you will likely need sooner should be in the front. If you load that stuff into the back, you will have to pull everything else out to get to it. Makes sure the back most boxes have the least used stuff and the front boxes have the most used. You should also neatly stack the boxes and consider installing shelves or using shelving units to organize.

Get The Right Container

Make sure you are getting the right container for your needs. A smaller container is better suited for low volume items, while high volume items will require a bigger container.

Outfit And Secure Your Unit

Make sure that your storage container has all the features you will need. If your goods need climate control, invest in an HVAC system for the container. If they might attract bugs or rodents, find out about appropriate pest control measures. Finally, makes sure that your container has appropriate locks so people who shouldn’t have access cannot get in.

Don’t Store Hazardous Materials

Don’t use your storage container for hazardous or flammable materials, such as gasoline, oils, and aerosols. These could ignite if the container gets too hot (a distinct possibility, especially if it is sitting in the sun).

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