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Guard Booths for Retirement Home Security

Learn why your business needs a security guard booth.

Learn why your business needs a security guard booth.

Homes and businesses need sound security systems, but retirement homes also need them just as much, if not more. Retirement homes often sprawl across a sizeable acreage, giving intruders many access points from which to get in. Access control is one of the best ways to protect residents of retirement homes, important medical records, expensive equipment, etc. Allied can help improve who can enter your grounds through their premium guard booths.

The Benefits of Access Control

The benefits of access control may appear obvious: they control who is able to enter a vicinity, keeping ill-willed people at bay. An excellent access control system is flexible for users and does not impede on the daily lives of the residents. Each system is tailored to the needs of each retirement home, so no one is the same. An access control system, complete with a unique set of devices like CCTV, security door locks, and alarms, can help a retirement home control and catch both outside and inside threats.  

The Benefits of Guard Booths

Guard booths are one of the options for retirement home security. Guard booths have several benefits due to the several purposes they serve. As a security measure, they provide preventative maintenance of retirement home safety. Rather than have ways to combat malicious activity, having a guard booth to prevent it in the first place is essential and efficient. They serve as checking points for professional and familial visitors, so they can go to their applicable parking areas. They are also the go-to place to report suspicious activity. Guard booths can hook up with surveillance cameras so the guard can detect a problem anywhere on the property as well. In short, a guard booth is safety control central.

What Allied Trailers Has to Offer

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Contact Allied Trailers Today for Your Guard Booth

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