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Government and Public Works Storage Solutions

Government and Public Works Storage Solutions

No matter what industry you work in, Allied Trailers has a mobile storage or office solution for you.

Whether it’s a group of people in the federal government, a small business, or an entrepreneur, anyone can find that they need extra storage or office space. Mobile storage container and office trailer solutions can help you organize and safeguard your inventory or provide a clean and quiet space in which to work. If you work in the government or public works industries, Allied Trailers is the company for you.

Government and Public Works Industries

Any part of the government may find that they need extra storage or office space due to overcrowding or building renovations. Likewise, public works industries that benefit from storage and office containers include the police department, fire department, parks and recreation areas, hospitals, airports, and more. No matter what field you are in, a container or trailer is an option for you!

Storage and Office Solutions

There are three main types of storage solutions: storage containers, office containers, and office trailers. All of these can vary in their measurements, or even come custom-made. Storage containers are durable and secure against intruders and foul weather with security locks. They are perfect for housing anything from power tools to retail inventory. 

Office containers and office trailers differ in that containers sit directly on the ground while trailers are elevated and require stairs to enter. Both come with finished interiors, security windows and door locks, lighting, and heating and cooling. 

With office trailers, you may be able to get the furniture you need along with it if you rent or buy from Allied Trailers. They can provide planning tables, desks, and filing cabinets, not to mention enough space for a conference room or two office spaces. 

The Advantages of Allied Trailers

When going forward with buying or renting mobile storage or office space, the provider you choose is perhaps just as important as the quality of the product itself. You want a container and trailer provider who is upfront about costs and can deliver your mobile space promptly and safely. Allied Trailers prides itself on all of these qualifications. They also have a professional maintenance staff that can quickly come to your aid and resolve the issue without needing multiple repairs. They never outsource their containers or trailers, so you can rest assured that both their products and their services are top-notch. Contact them today! 

Contact Allied Trailers Today for Your Mobile Sales Center

Allied Trailers is a leading provider of space solutions for the construction, education, energy, industrial, commercial/retail, healthcare, and government markets. With operations on the East Coast of the United States, and serving more than 50,000 customers, Allied Trailers operates a fleet of nearly 10,000 modular space and secure storage units that are leased through a network of 8 branch locations along the East Coast of North America. Check out our Locations page for contact information, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Youtube, and our don’t forget to check out our blog.

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