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Exterior Options for Your Modular Space

Exterior Options for Your Modular Space

The exterior of your modular space can be a work of art; see what Allied Trailers can do for you!

Renting or purchasing modular office units for your business on the go is a highly practical process. Your business goes a lot smoother when you work with a qualified and reliable modular unit company to acquire the office or storage units of your choice. Allied’s inventory offers all the creature comforts you will need, such as overhead lighting, heating and cooling, security windows and doors, and fully-finished interiors. As for the exterior, it can truly be a work of art. Check out the creative exterior options for your modular space, provided by us at Allied Trailers!

Custom Paint Jobs

The exterior of your business’s modular storage or office unit is an opportunity to advertise on a massive scale. Think of it as a blank canvas for a billboard: you can customize the outside of your trailer or container to match your company colors and possibly feature your company logo, business name, and brand. When you make Allied Trailers your modular office or storage partner, you have the opportunity to work with us to design and implement a beautiful and colorful display of your brand.

Containers an Excellent Choice

If you decide to go with paint, office and storage containers make for a great canvas. Containers sit directly on the ground, unlike trailers, which sit permanently on a chassis, so their surfaces are eye-level for all to see. Allied Trailers has an extensive gallery of examples of branded containers, including one of their most recent projects for the Seacrets Distilling Company in Ocean City, MD. Alternatively, Clark Construction in Rockville, MD, went with a simple office trailer color palette that matched their company colors, blue and white. 

Signage and Wrapping

Other exterior options for modular spaces include installing signage and wrapping. Signage can be as simple as a plaque showing your company name and logo, but can also include brand images and messages. Our project with the annual Citi Open Tennis Tournament in Washington, D.C., is a great example of how banners can make a difference! 

Wrapping your office trailer or container protects its surface during transportation. At Allied Trailers, we do not offer this service ourselves but can recommend third-party vendors to you. If the trailer or container is leased, ask the vendor what the charge is for de-wrapping the unit prior to pickup. For more information, please contact us!

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