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Customizing a Mobile Office Trailer

Customizing a Mobile Office Trailer

There are quite a few ways to customize an office trailer! Check out these ideas here!

A mobile office trailer is standard for many industries that work on the go or need workspace during a renovation. Even so, some might have a jaded view of these steel and metal containers: they appear to look all the same and have cold, uniform interiors. Not so! Customizing a mobile office trailer with Allied Trailers can make your temporary corporate office a home away from home!

Built-In Furniture

Built-in furniture is one feature that Allied Trailers can offer. Built-in desks and planning tables are one way to make your mobile workspace move-in ready. Depending on its size, a trailer can comfortably house at least two people in their own spacious office area. 

A Kitchenette

Everyone needs some creature comforts during the workday, such as a place to heat up lunch, fill up a hot beverage, or store dishes. A kitchenette makes your corporate office on wheels much more like a regular office, providing fresh water and refreshments any time anyone needs them.

Designated Rooms

Your office doesn’t have to follow one layout. You can rearrange and create rooms to suit your business’s needs. If you want to change the location of the closet, the bathroom, or one of the offices, you can! If you want to create a dressing room, a conference room, or another unique space, Allied Trailers can make it happen! If you need storage along with your office, Allied has a collection of office and storage combo trailers available.

Double-Wide Modules

If none of their single-wide units are large enough for your needs, you could also get a double or even triple-wide unit instead, which connects identical units together. With this much space, you have even more options for customizing a mobile office trailer.

DIY Option

Allied Trailers has a great team that will customize and build the ideal office trailer for you. Aside from their brand new models, you can also go the DIY route and outfit a trailer yourself. If you are interested in purchasing a used trailer, Allied Trailers is offering them as low as $650! For more information, call or message Allied today!

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