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A Contractor’s Storage Trailer

A Contractor’s Storage Trailer

A contractor’s trailer needs to be well-organized and secure. Allied Trailers has a solution for you!

A contractor’s job involves something new every day; each project looks slightly different and can present its own problems to solve. Since a contractor never works in one location alone and travels within a specific region, he is always on the move. The team needs a mobile set of tools to accomplish their various challenges. A well-organized storage trailer from a reputable trailer and container company is what every contractor needs to keep work running smoothly.

The Benefits of Having a Storage Trailer

A storage trailer allows a contractor to take his tools and supplies everywhere he goes. In one safe and secure unit, he can access all the equipment on-site without having to travel back and forth from a remote location. For this reason, storage trailers are more efficient and versatile than a self-storage unit. If a contractor needs a temporary storage container for a construction project, Allied Trailers can swiftly deliver, set up, and take down however many containers are needed for the project.

Organizing the Storage Trailer

As helpful as it is to have a storage trailer or container in the first place, its organization is also crucial to effective work. Depending on the type of contracting, professionals will have various and different storage needs. However, in general, some projects may take weeks, days, or even require overnight labor. Equipment often includes tools of various sizes, which means contractors overall may need the following organization features for their storage trailer.


Shelving is perhaps the most important feature. Because of the limited space in a trailer or container, shelving units tend to be either shallow or custom-made. For smaller items like screwdrivers and wrenches, wide filing cabinets may come in handy. Depending on how long a contractor has been in the business, his collection of tools may be smaller or larger. It is common for contractors to increase their inventory over the years, so a storage trailer should have ample room to accommodate. 

Lighting and Outlets

Besides getting a trailer that is constructed of sturdy materials and comes equipped with security locks, lighting and electrical outlets may be other features a contractor should consider for their storage unit. Overhead lighting takes away the hassle of having to find a tool in the dark with a flashlight. Electric outlets can always prove useful, especially if someone needs to use a generator or other electrical equipment. 

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