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What to Consider when Preparing for Your Office Trailer Delivery

You want to make sure the ground is level and utilities are accessible when preparing for your office trailer delivery!

A mobile office trailer is great for any business that is expanding or remodeling and needs extra space for their employees. Though it is fairly simple to get an office trailer, your need to make sure your property is prepared for when it comes. Here are some things to consider when preparing for your office trailer delivery.

Ground Conditions

It is best that the ground underneath your office trailer is leveled so that the trailer won’t be lopsided. In addition, you want to make sure that the designated site is also clear of any vegetation or debris that could get in the way of the delivery. In addition to the space you’ve cleared for the trailer itself, you also want to have an extra five or six feet of space for the truck that delivers the trailer. The best surfaces to handle a heavy office trailer are cement, gravel, stone-paved, and asphalt. If your property is on soft terrain such as grass, then you will need to put something under the trailer to help distribute the weight (i.e hardwood piles or asphalt paving).


If your office trailer is on level, solid ground, then it should be pretty stable already. However, different areas have different building codes. This means that some may require you to put added material under the trailer to ensure it is stable. Some areas require that concrete foundation pads are put along the perimeter of the trailer.


Most likely, your office trailer will need to have utilities such as electricity, gas, and water hooked up to it. Without these things, your employees are unable to be productive. You want to make sure your office trailer is being delivered to an area that has close access to all necessary utility sources. If you have underground utilities, be sure to clearly mark those areas ahead of time.

Other Considerations

You want your office trailer to be easily accessible for your employees rather than inconvenient and difficult to reach. For this reason, you may want to consider things like parking when deciding where to place your trailer. Other things you may want to add are handicap-accessible ramps and a driveway for future deliveries.

The Allied Advantage

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