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Are Classroom Trailers Worth Buying?

Are Classroom Trailers Worth Buying?

Is a classroom trailer worth buying? These units can be handy in more ways than one.

Classroom trailers are a common sight on the school grounds in many districts in the area. As populations grow, schools often find that they run out of space. Classroom trailers, also called modular classrooms, portable classrooms, and temporary classrooms, are a standard solution to this problem. They offer additional space without the need for an expensive construction project. Often these trailers are seen as a short-term solution, so they are usually rented or leased. But are they worth buying instead?

How Long Will You Need The Trailer?

One of the biggest deciding factors on buying classroom trailers is how long you will use them. A single school that is planning to renovate but needs additional space for the next several months might be okay simply leasing a trailer, whereas a large district that will be expanding several schools over the coming years and will need the trailers for the whole time would do better buying. Cost will likely also play a part in the decision, so remember that you may actually pay more to rent than you would to lease or buy a trailer, since short term rentals often have much higher rental rates than long-term ones. 

How Will You Use The Trailer?

How you will use the trailer will also influence the decision. Obviously, the primary use of a classroom trailer will likely be teaching, but there are other uses for it. Daycares often look to modular buildings for space. There are also situations where schools and other businesses use this type of trailer for office or meeting space. Even in schools, we see them being used outside of the normal school year, for summer school for instance, since they are easier to cool. All of these situations will see differing value in buying a trailer. If you will only use the trailers for a month during the summer and you need several all at the same time, the cost to rent (even including the delivery, set-up, take-down, and removal fees) would likely be less than buying.

When Do You Need The Trailer?

Whether renting or buying, if you’re looking for the trailer during periods of high demand, you are going to pay more for them. This is important because you can save considerable money if you can buy the trailers in the off-season and already have them on hand for the peak season. Even if you’re only using the trailers during that peak time, you will probably find that owning saves you money over the years.

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