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How to Choose a Mobile Office Size

How to Choose a Mobile Office Size

You need an office trailer, but what size should it be? Here are some helpful guidelines.

Businesses are still going in various industries, including construction, factories, and many other essential services. Construction companies and those whose offices are undergoing renovations often use mobile office solutions to meet their workspace needs. However, one of the considerations to never overlook when choosing a trailer is what mobile office size you need.

1. Measure the Land

Before buying or renting a massive 36’ by 60’ mobile trailer, measure the land you plan to have your mobile office space. Make sure you have ample room to fit your trailer, so you don’t run into unnecessary complications down the road (pun not intended.)

2. Measure the Options

Next, when you request dimensions of available trailers from a particular trailer company, make sure you know both the interior measurements and the exterior measurements. The interior square footage will tell you how much usable space there is, while the exterior dimensions will help you know whether it can fit into the plot of land.

3. Types of Mobile Trailers

Mobile trailers generally come in three different categories: single-wide, double-wide, and triple-wide. Single-wide containers are usually a minimum of 14’ wide, double-wide at 24’, and triple-wide measure 42’. Allied Trailers, a leading trailer distributor across Maryland, provides office trailers and containers in all types of dimensions and also can help you obtain a custom-sized trailer. 

4. Space Design

Depending on your office needs, the interior of your mobile office may be divided into different offices, along with a common room and bathroom. Some containers also have a kitchenette. Plan how you want to use the space and factor that into your trailer’s overall dimensions.

5. The Rule of Thumb

Mobile office experts agree that as a rule of thumb, each occupant should have at least 100 square feet of space to himself, and an average of 125 square feet. This rule makes choosing a mobile office size a little easier, as you consider how many people will work in the unit.

6. Office Furnishings

Once you have determined the ideal mobile office size for your crew, it’s time to install the unit and add furnishings. Allied Trailers provides swift and superb delivery of mobile office trailers and containers and also gives the option of adding built-in desks, filing cabinets, and a conference room table if applicable. 

7. Why Allied?

Allied Trailers is a trusted mobile office and storage solution company throughout Maryland. With six locations, they can help you fulfill your space and storage needs wherever you are in the state. They provide straightforward quotes and never outsource their units. For a reliable company you can trust, call Allied today!

Contact Allied Trailers Today for Your Office Trailer

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