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Can You Work Out of a Storage Container?

Can You Work Out of a Storage Container?

Is it a good idea to start a business out of a storage container? Find out here.

In the era when entrepreneurship is on the rise, numerous people have taken to using storage containers as office or work spaces. They can run businesses from e-commerce, craftsmanship, repair, and much more from within the sturdy metal walls of their container. Some use them as a pop-up shop to promote their online or big name brand. The question is, how viable is it for you?

Pros and Cons

There is no saying that you cannot work out of a storage container. Although many lessors have said that doing this is against codes and zoning laws, some people have run their shops out of several storage containers for over a decade with no problem. It depends on the terms of the company you choose to rent or buy from and your area’s laws. 

One concern about working from a storage unit is that it is not safe. Storage containers were made for storing inventory and tools rather than living inside them. Should a fire break out, the person inside could easily be trapped without anyone knowing. These types of containers also are not built with insulation against heat and cold, nor are they equipped with electricity. Should you want to make your storage container the most comfortable, it may be best to purchase one and refit for your needs.

Other Options

Meanwhile, Allied Trailers offers not only storage containers but also a high-quality selection of office containers and office trailers. Office containers have heating and cooling, lighting, and finished walls and flooring. They sit directly on the ground and are best for people who do not plan to move their business space from place to place. 

Office trailers, on the other hand, are mobile and come equipped with many office space perks. Allied can outfit your office trailer with a planning table, desks, and filing cabinets. All of their office containers and trailers are made of sturdy materials and security against potential intrusions. Why work out of a storage container when you can get a ready-made office?

The Benefits of Storage Containers

Allied Trailers’ storage containers are ideal for companies needing to organize their inventory. Retailers can have a space to store extra goods, from electronics to antique furniture. If you run a business that requires many heavy-duty tools, Allied Trailers is the service you can count on. 

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