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Best Placement for Mobile Office Containers

Best Placement for Mobile Office Containers

You can’t just put an office container anywhere; here are tips for best placement.

A mobile office container is ideal for construction, healthcare, and other industries of all kinds when safe and secure temporary office space is necessary. A mobile office container from Allied Trailers will have fully-finished interiors with HVAC, fluorescent lighting, and security doors and windows. While one can have all the amenities one needs in a mobile office, one cannot simply put it or move it anywhere one pleases. The best placement for mobile office containers is as follows.

Level Ground

Just as the foundation of a house must be level, so the ground underneath a mobile office unit needs to be flat. Without a level ground, the unit could wobble or sit unevenly, not a very comfortable condition for the occupants or the unit itself. 

Spacious Ground

Moreover, the grounds must be spacious enough for the delivery truck to enter the lot, unload and load the office container, and have comfortable space around it. The space needed for delivery and pickup could be the square footage of the container plus 120 feet of clearance for the truck. 

One must also think about parking around the unit. Will your team or guests need parking spaces conveniently located outside the unit, complete with handicapped-marked spots? Will you need room for delivery trucks? If so, Allied Trailers can give you clear guidance on how to manage these logistics.

The area should also be clear of tall power lines, billboards, overhanging branches, and other hazards. The best placement for mobile office containers includes a clear overhead.

Solid Ground

The quality of ground on which the container sits also matters immensely. Concrete, gravel, or asphalt pavement is usually the best placement for mobile office containers, but sometimes the grass might just work best. In that case, Allied Trailers will need to place concrete blocks or other stabilizers underneath the four corners of the unit to minimize potential sinking. If the unit is raised, you will also need a ramp or stairs to access the inside.

Utilities Available

Make sure all the utilities are available on site as well and in accordance with local codes. Your electricity, water, gas, and sewer lines need to be finalized before Allied Trailers can deliver the office container. 

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