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Best Configurations For Your Office Trailer For Maximum Productivity

 Learn about the best configurations for your office trailer.

Learn about the best configurations for your office trailer.

Office trailers provide unlimited functions, as they are great for construction sites, supplemental workspaces for employees or those that work remotely, and much more. As the need for office trailers has grown over the years, so has the demand for more special features and configurations that provide the most efficient use of space for workers. Continue reading to learn about the best way to set up your office trailer for maximum productivity.

Open Office

If there are one or two workers in an office trailer, an open office is a great setup. The open office won’t have any partition walls, but each worker can have there own space at a desk on opposite sides of the trailer. Our 8-Foot trailer Model AM-820 is an open office configuration, complete with windows for natural light, a desk, a planning table, and air conditioning.

Dual Office

For those looking for more space, be sure to check out Allied Trailers’ 12-foot trailer model, the Model AM-260. This trailer contains an office at each end that is blocked off with a wall and door. This allows for quiet and productive spaces for busy workers, or one office can be used as a conference room. The main area in the middle of the trailer contains a bathroom and optional features such as file cabinets, a planning table, and security window screens.

2 Bathrooms

If you need an office trailer for a large group of workers, our 24-foot trailer models include two bathrooms to avoid long waits. The two models 24-foot models include three separate offices, as well as a very large central area. The office is lined with multiple windows for natural light, and as with all of our office trailers, they are available with aluminum or wood siding, tile floors, wood or vinyl paneling, overhead fluorescent lighting, breaker panels, horizontal slider windows, and doors with locks.

Multiple Office and Conference Room

The largest trailer we offer at Allied Trailers is 36 feet, which includes six separate offices and a large conference room. Three offices line the right and left sides, leaving a large open area in the middle of the trailer. Once again, every room contains at least one window and is large enough for everything you may need. Our office trailers can all be customized to meet your specifications, so whether you need a simple office space for a construction site or a luxury permanent office space for your security office, we have what you need!

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