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Benefits of Allied ACH

Benefits of Allied ACH

Allied ACH is becoming the preferred method for many of our customers.

Getting the mobile storage or office space you need for your restaurant, construction site, school, religious organization, or event should be as seamless as possible. It takes a while to choose a mobile office and storage company you can trust, get the proper permits for the site, and choose a trailer or container that is right for you. With Allied Trailers, all the steps involved can be simpler, including the payment process. In the past year, Allied Trailers has seen more and more customers use Allied ACH as a preferred method.

What Is ACH?

ACH is short for Automated Clearing House Network, which processes automatic, online transfers. You likely already use ACH without knowing it; it is how you receive direct deposits, interest payments, tax refunds, and more. It also works the other way around, allowing you to pay someone directly through a secure process. Allied ACH allows you to make safe and quick transfers for an even easier payment process.

Benefits of Allied ACH

If you prefer, you always have the option to write out a check or use your debit or credit card. These options usually take a little more time, but ACH transfers are practically immediate. These bank-to-bank transfers typically take only one business day to fully process. 

You can also benefit from Allied ACH in that you know your transaction is safe. You pay directly from one account to another without the risk of interruption from a middleman. Paying checks through snail mail can lead to lost or delayed payments. 

Even better, Automated Clearing House transfers are also free. If you ever have to pay to make a transfer, it is only a first-time fee that is just a few dollars.

Last but not least, ACH payments are highly efficient. They occur through secure means, are practically automatic, are more affordable, and are quick. They don’t have the risk of getting lost in the mail, and they happen practically immediately. By paying online through this method, you can pay for free and same your stamps and checks in the meantime. With just a few clicks, you can process your Allied modular unit in no time!

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