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Allied Anchoring: From the Soils of Maryland to Florida

Allied Anchoring: From the Soils of Maryland to Florida

Anchoring a mobile office trailer is something on which Allied Trailers is an expert!

From the wet mud in Maryland to the sinking sand in Florida, Allied Trailers gets the job done safely in the toughest of terrain. The United States east coast has a broad range of landscapes and soil types, and Allied Trailers makes it possible for construction workers, schools, and many other organizations to keep their mobile office trailers on stable ground. Here is more information on the important topic of Allied anchoring for mobile office trailers.

Why Anchor Mobile Office Trailers?

Not all mobile office trailers need to have anchors. The ideal foundation to park an office trailer on includes gravel, asphalt, and concrete. Sometimes, however, one will need to park the trailer on an uneven or unstable surface such as muddy dirt or shifting sand. 

Regardless of the type of ground on which your mobile office trailer sits, you may need to anchor it depending on different factors and conditions. Your state’s requirements might be different from other state’s, as will be revealed through your permitting process. All office trailers require permits to park on any land, and these permits will likely show you what you need to do to secure the unit.

Other factors include the weather, environment, and maintenance. The east coast tends to see a higher number of hurricanes and tropical storms compared to other regions of the country, and this means your office trailer might see high winds. Allied Anchoring is the foundation that keeps the trailer securely in the ground.

As for environment and maintenance, you may need to keep the trailer off of the damp ground to protect its base from moisture damage and damage from shifting and sinking soil. Coastal regions from Maryland to Florida will likely run into this situation.

How to Anchor a Mobile Trailer

Multiple steps are involved in anchoring a mobile office trailer. Allied Trailers will ensure that your site is level, determine the soil type, locate and mark the utility lines, and determine the number and type of anchors. Allied Trailers has the expertise to anchor your mobile office trailer in the toughest of terrains from Maryland to Florida; call us for more information!

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