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All About Modular Classrooms

All About Modular Classrooms

Allied Trailers can help your school house its growing student body!

School season is on the horizon already, but even if it is not, there is no better time than the present to consider what your school building needs are. If your school is experiencing a surge of new students, you are facing a great problem! One of the issues is how to house everyone adequately. With a very short notice of time, you can work with Allied Trailers for a custom solution. If modular classrooms interest you, here is a basic guideline on what you need to know.

What Are Modular Classrooms?

Modular classrooms have numerous names, such as portable classrooms, classroom trailers, mobile classrooms, and modular school buildings. Modular classrooms come in more sizes and looks than one might expect. One could go with a single, double, or triple wide unit, but one can also configure the dimensions however one wishes.

These buildings are prefabricated at a mobile trailer factory according to a school’s specifications and installed on the delivery date. Units can either stand alone or attach to an existing school building. You can expect to see fully-finished interiors and exteriors with OSHA-approved access, like stairs and ramps. Allied Trailers’ portable units all come with tile flooring, finished walls and ceilings, overhead fluorescent lighting, and air conditioning and heating. Default trailers come with aluminum or wood siding and optional skirting. They also have windows with security screens and doors with reliable locks. 

Modular school buildings don’t have to be used as just classrooms; you could also use them to create offices, admin offices, cafeterias, storage rooms, and more. Classroom trailers can include restrooms, IT rooms, storage, janitorial closets, and more. 

Benefits of Modular Classrooms

One can benefit enormously from modular classrooms in a number of ways. First of all, one can get the space they need quicker than if one were to expand an existing building. Site development and construction happen at the same time, rather than consecutively. 

Second, it costs less to build a modular building, and these buildings will last 25-30 years with proper care. With Allied Trailers, one can either rent or buy, so you have a variety of financing options. 

Third, your modular classrooms can have the same look and feel as a permanent structure. Allied Trailers allows you to fully customize the look of your trailers, inside and out. Contact us for custom modular classroom solutions!

Contact Allied Trailers Today for Your Mobile Classrooms!

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